dropout does

dropout does

Thursday, November 11, 2010

facebook and twitter

It has been two weeks since I have heard a peep from one of my "best friends." It has been two months since I have heard from another. It's been three months since I closed my facebook and twitter accounts. I stoped using those web services for a number of reasons. First, they were consuming my time. I would be constantly checking for updates on either site and it only got worse when I bought my droid. My work performance degraded. Second, I grew tired of everyone in the world finding me and trying to be my friend. I really want nothing to do with most, if not all, of my former high school classmates. They haven't been a part of my life for 12 years for a reason. Third, I grew bored with people getting pissed if I did not want to be their friend on facebook or follow them on twitter. People were getting offended because I did not want to be their friends on a website... that was pathetic. Finally, everyone expected you to know what was going on in their lives by reading their updates. No longer did a friend call you to tell you good news, they posted it and expected you to figure shit out that way. Why call your good friend to tell them something when you can let the world know, friend included. Facebook and twitter have quickly replaced personal, one-on-one relationships. I already have a small list of people I even like being around no matter my mood, these "services" have narrowed that down to almost none.
So fuck you twitter and facebook. Even though I know you will win, at least I know i'm on the side that won't trade humanity for superficial friendships.
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  1. Hey, glad to see you blogging again.
    I'm a total social media tard. I know this. ::shrug:: It's not my worst fault.

    I love the irony of having buttons to share a blog about the evils of Twitter & Facebook on Twitter & Facebook.

  2. Its a weird shift in balance that almost creates isolation to do away with them. I've not myself, yet, at least.
    I might. It's another branch of doing all the 'simplification of living' I've been making a goal to do. Just not one that I am willing to do yet.
    I got rid of my shoes before Facebook, haha.

    I do see how it is frustrating that as a society we have become so adapted to social networking now that we do not take the time to reach out to friends and family through other outlets anymore. In that regards, it's really sad.

  3. If I had a way to remove those stupid button links, it would be done. Silly me thinking that some people besides me might not have a facebook or twitter.